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Welcome to our website.  We realize that going on Medicare and finding the right plan to cover the costs not paid by Medicare can be as confusing as the maze on our home page. There are so many acronyms, time-lines and deadlines it is no wonder that the process can seem overwhelming. 


We call ourselves Mr. and Mrs. Medicare because we have been on Medicare for many years and know what it's all about. 


With all the Medicare rules and regulations it is difficult to sort through everything without some quidance.  For many years we have been assisting those just turning 65 to understand their options and with our help, choose the best plan for their needs.  In addition, we often find that those who have been on a plan for a number of years are now paying much more than they need too.  We help them evaluate their options and if at all possible, switch them to a more affordable plan with no loss of benefits. 


Since we are independent brokers and represent all the major carriers, we can find the best plan at the best premium.  We have access to proprietary software that allows us to see every insurance company and plan available.


Our objective is simple: To educate, inform and clarify Medicare and additional coverage in a objective, straight forward and simple manner. 


Our approach is direct: To understand your Medicare coverage needs and your budget to insure that you have the very best insurance to meet your individual situation. 


Why choose us? Our service to you does not end when you purchase a policy, it begins when you purchase a policy.  We will be in touch with you throughout the year providing updates, reminders, news items and friendly greetings.  We are always available to answer any questions.  Every year we will review your policy with you to verify that it is working for you and explore any options that might better suit your changing needs.


Where you choose to purchase your insurance protection makes a difference.  We not only take care of you today but in the years to come and are always available to answer questions.

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